BP2 Cricket Bowling Machine

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JUGS isn’t just for Cricket!

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JUGS Australia is a leading supplier of baseball and softball pitching machines. Whether you need to work on an slider or curveball, we have a range of machines in our range to assist!

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JUGS Softball Machines are established as the most popular and widely used softball machines in the world.

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The JUGS Lite-Flite® Machine delivers Big League style pitches at a minor league price. Learn to hit the breaking pitch without the fear of being hit!

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With JUGS, you can “kick” left- or right-footed and hook a ball at any arc, speed, or distance—up to 70 meters.

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The JUGS Football Machine™ throws perfect passes, punts and kickoffs to any precise spot on your field.

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JUGS BP2 Cricket Bowling Machine

New! Contact us for availability!

With Jugs superior ability to bowl very accurate line and length, the bats-man has the opportunity to repeat the correct skills many times over which is a major contributing factor of success.


Guaranteed to outlast any other bowling machine, all JUGS machines come with a 1-2 year guarantee depending on the product.

Proudly Used By

  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • State Institutes of Sport
  • International and State Players
  • All Levels of Grade and District Associations
  • Junior Cricket Associations
  • Individuals (home use)
  • Universities, Colleges, Public and Private Schools
  • Indoor Cricket Centres throughout Australia

Support and FAQs

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Official JUGS Practice Balls

The JUGS Balls are uniform in hardness guaranteeing consistency of delivery and because of the dimples will react through the air like a seam ball.

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