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Can I use regular leather cricket balls in my JUGS machine?

Yes, they can be used. However, because the balls are squeezed between the two spinning tyres, the leather cricket balls will tear at the seams, which make them less cost effective than the JUGS Balls. Because it would depend on whether the seam or the smooth part of the leather ball contacted the tyres first, the delivery of leather balls will be very erratic compared to the JUGS Ball.

The JUGS Balls are uniform in hardness guaranteeing consistency of delivery and because of the dimples will react through the air like a seam ball.

Old leather balls can be used for fielding practice.

Can I use tennis balls in my JUGS machine?

Yes. You may have to inflate the tyres to 25psi for the best results.

How fast does the Cricket Bowling Machine go?

The old Cricket Bowling Machine with the two speed dials has a top speed of 167kph. Your instruction manual will have a speed chart that you can use as a guide. Please note that to get to this top speed, both wheels would be set at 100. It is not recommended to have both wheels at the same speed. This is because the ball will be bowled without spin, which is extremely erratic and dangerous. Always have the wheels at least twenty digits apart.

The BP2 Cricket Bowling Machine has a top speed of 150kph on the “Fast Medium Pace” (Rising Ball) setting.

When do I need to send my JUGS machine in for an overhaul or maintenance?

One of the most common myths regarding servicing is that after a few years of usage the machine needs to be sent to JUGS for service. This is not true. All that is needed is a routine maintenance check which can be done by you ie: Tyre pressure regularly checked, surface of the tyre kept clean, and the nylon bearing surrounding the ball joint checked periodically for wear. Storing the machine indoors and keeping it away from water will add to the longevity of your machine.

What if my JUGS machine is not throwing consistently?

Inaccuracy can be caused by many factors. Firstly check that the tyres are at the correct pressure, 17psi on the old Cricket Bowling Machines with the two speed dials or 26psi on the BP2 Machines. Make sure that the tyre pressures are maintained. Periodic cleaning with sandpaper will keep the tyres rough so the balls grip better. If after taking these measures the machine still throws inconsistently then contact JUGS. Erratic and inaccurate deliveries can be caused by the speed dials being set too close together on the old Cricket Bowling Machines. Ensure they are set at least 20 digits apart.

My JUGS machine has stopped working......What’s wrong?

In 99% of cases the problem can be found in the circuit board. The circuit board is attached to the speed dial panel and can be removed by undoing 4 screws. If you then send the board to JUGS Australia, we can usually get it back to you within two days. Please call us at JUGS Australia before attempting any type of repair. Calling us first will save you time and money.

Where is the serial number on my JUGS machine?

Generally speaking, with the Jugs old Cricket Bowling Machines, the number is on a small silver tag on the main blue frame of the machine just behind the controller box. With regards to the BP2 Cricket Bowling Machines, the serial number is on a small black sticker located on the right side of the horizontal micro adjustment knob just above the legs. The number is not on the motor. Make sure you have the serial number of your machine before you contact us.

When do I need a new tyre?

People call Jugs all the time thinking that they need new tyres when in reality most of the time they do not. The only time you need to order a new wheel is when a grove has worn to the black tyre cord. Cracking and dry rot on the sides of the wheel are normal and nothing to be concerned about. Simply clean the face of the tyre with sandpaper. The most important thing for ensuring maximum life of the tyres is to maintain the tyre pressure at 17psi (BP2 tyres must be inflated to 26psi). By doing these steps you could possibly use your existing tyre for many years.

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The JUGS Balls are uniform in hardness guaranteeing consistency of delivery and because of the dimples will react through the air like a seam ball.

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